About Us

We were created in 2007, initially by a couple of sole traders, who worked on market stalls and also sold crafts and arts products online.

Sole trading is a lonely business at the best of times, but being a sole trader on the internet can sometimes feel a bit like being a Trappist monk.

You are – or you can be – completely cut off from all forms of human interaction if you are not careful. This can become even more acute if you live by yourself as well as work alone.

So we thought it would be nice if we had a place to hang out and actually get chatting to other professionals – not necessarily just sole traders, but all small businesses.

It wasn’t just loneliness we wanted to combat, although that did come first. But also we wished to share ideas, swap tips and hints about what sorts of things were working for other small businesses. Things like, what are the best ways to market yourself in the digital age and so on.

Initially, the blog pieces were all written by Karen Ali and Mike Tarrant, our two founding sole traders who began this site.

But gradually we have enlisted the help of others and now have an array of bloggers, writing on a variety of business based topics to help you and your enterprise along the way.

Initially constructed as a pastime for wet Tuesday afternoons, we are glad to say that our project has unexpectedly taken off and has been embraced by many others. We now have a steady stream of traffic coming here, of people from all four corners of the globe.

We are British based, but a lot of our contributors’ ideas and pieces will travel further than the UK and we would like to welcome anyone who feels like dropping in to our site most warmly!