Online Versus Offline Promotions

There are two ways to do promotions these days. The old fashioned way, offline – newspaper adverts, radio and television advertising, flyers and so on and of course the new online ways – targeted social media adverts, Google ads and so on.

But which is better? And which one should your business choose to go with?

In this article we will look at some of the major points, including the advantages and disadvantages of both of these strategies, as we try and figure out which are the best cost effective methods of promoting your business and brands in the marketplace today.



  • SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTS i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. It is important to remember that these do not have to be paid for adverts, but simply you operating a business page on behalf of your company and using it to interact with your client base. This can be basically free and only cost you a little time to set up.
  • VIDEO BLOGGING Another great way of getting your message across even if you are not too hot with the written word! If getting in front of a camera is your thing, then this can be a highly effective technique for online promotions.
  • SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING The internet provides us with the tools to seek out clients and also a whole host of information about them as consumers. This can be put to good use when thinking about online promotions.
  • WEBSITE/BLOGGING The precursor to video blogging is growing up now, as people realise that this is a serious way of getting your point across, no matter who you are or what you have to say. As a business person and marketer you cannot afford to neglect this as a medium for online promotion!
  • EMAIL MARKETING Don’t forget email marketing! This is still very much relevant to your business today as it was a few years ago!


  • TELEVISION Perhaps the most obvious and the most direct. Television advertising is the gold standard when it comes to promoting your business directly to the public. Unfortunately it is rather pricy though.
  • RADIO Easily overlooked as TV’s poorer relation, but radio advertising has been proved time and again to be effective. In workplaces, on buses, in the car, you often have a captive audience for hours on end.
  • BROCHURES AND PRINT MEDIA Never underestimate the power of the glossy pamphlet or leaflet. The reason why print media is still going strong in 2016 and refuses to die is because people still like things that they can get hold of. Now we know that this comes with a price tag that maybe an email does not, but frankly, no one is going to stick an email to their fridge! (Well okay maybe they might do, but it is less likely)
  • DIRECT MAILSHOTS One of the best way to get straight to your client base is to mail them at home, preferably making them an offer that they cannot refuse. Money off vouchers, BOGOFs, time limited offers, can be all sent straight to your potential client base.
  • PROMOTIONAL ITEMS GIVEAWAY Offline marketing really excels at giving your customers something for free in a way that it is harder to do online. Bottom line, everyone wants something for nothing and this is how you can do it.

Consider branded pens, mugs and other items with your company name and logo splashed on them. They will be kept and used far longer than any other advertising has been thrown up and put in the bin.

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