Marketing Your Online Or Real Life Course… Easier Said Than Done?

“If you build it they will come” said someone somewhere sometime in history. But let’s ponder on the veracity of this statement.

Euro Disney, the Millennium Dome, the Sinclair C 5, Betamax….the world is sadly littered with examples of ideas that didn’t quite work out.


And unfortunately, nowhere does this happen more frequently than in the arena of training courses.

Which is a pity, because you have devised and written the best course for your chosen industry that it is possible to do. And whether your course is an online one only or an actual real life event that you or someone close to you will be hosting, you have but one concern.

Not the course content, although this too is crucial. The number one thing that you need to ask yourself is-

Who will be coming?

Attendees, delegates, bums on seats, however you want to term it – you need people to come, whatever the topic area of your course is.

But which is the best way to market your workshop or lecture?

Here are three of our top tips.


It should probably go without saying that you need to have a profile on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all the other top social media platforms in order to market your course effectively.


But a word of warning, make sure you do more than simply bark at people to take up your training course. You need to offer them something more, for example, thinking of providing online advice about qualifications and training via your social media platform.

If you can give something to your potential audience, whether it be free advice, shopping vouchers or promotional business gifts, you are more likely to get people browsing your page and taking you up on your offers than simply advertising.


Merely promoting your course on social sites is good, but getting your event mentioned on specific online marketing sites for business training events is even better. Many are completely free to list courses, although paid for listings ensure better visibility.


The more professional looking your promotional materials are, the better your chances of success of are in luring in your attendees.

Branch out from simple leaflets to other printed promotional items such as branded pens with your course information on them and other cheap promotional gifts. This could be expanded to merchandising products such as notebooks and stationery with your event on them.

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