Write For Us

As you can see, this site is still under construction and a piece of work in progress.

We have lots of great input and material from guest bloggers as well as regular contributors. We receive feedback daily through the ‘contact us’ button and are always really cheered up whenever someone takes the time to tell us their thoughts about the site, whether it is complimentary or critical!

In fact, critical feedback is crucial for a site like ours, which is unfunded and maintained by voluntary contributions. We have designed and edited it ourselves and are the first to admit that we are not experts in every field.

Which is why we would like your help in contributions to our website. We need help!

Frankly, we are business people at the end of the day and not expert writers, or editors or photographers.

What we need are individuals who can turn out sparkling copy and write in an informative and interesting style, which engages the reader whilst keeping them on the page.

Additionally, if you can add some stunning visuals to your posts – or even video – then this would be even better.

The ideal length for an article on this site would be between 300-500 words long. Submissions ideally would be in doc form and feature three or four images per article.

Topics are up to you – within reason! The range of articles we are looking at could encompass anything from how to interact effectively on social media, to whether to bother with print promotions for your small business or go completely digital – be warned, this is a controversial topic and that people have some very firm opinions on!

Other things we would wish to cover, but have not quite got round to, are the effects of Brexit on your business as an individual business owner – one of the hottest topics in the U.K. right now and we are struggling to cover this from a human perspective!

Creative thinking and advertising on a shoe string is another area we would love to cover. If you have a story about how you promoted your business in an unorthodox or slightly different way, we would like to hear about it.

If you’re not a natural writer, don’t worry about it – we also welcome submissions by video as well. Videos must be short and clearly audible and visible throughout. Think about the length of them and keeping your audience’s attention though please.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Mike and Karen.